Souls In Transit

The documentary Souls In Transit tells the story of a largely unknown genocide. In 1915, about 3 million Christians were killed by the Ottoman Empire. The film tells the story of this massacre with the help of contemporary witnesses and relates it to the present. The genocide of 1915 finds its tragic continuation in current conflicts.


Director: Aida Schlaepfer Producers: Minority Rights Group International & da Production Film Length: 24.45 minutes Language of film: Arabic, translated in to English The film “NouN” depicts the suffering of Christian Iraqis at the hands of IS. It contains first-hand accounts of terrible atrocities, while revealing the courage of survivors, as well as their hopes …

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To be we also want to be

The movie “To be we also want to be” is about prostitution from men for men. Although the male prostitution is legal in Switzerland, the men who prostitute themselves for other men are exposed to a strong aversion in the society.As both prostitutes and homosexuals are discriminated by society,male sex workers are stigmatized twice. The …

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My Name Is Egyptian Citizens

The film recounts the events of three Egyptian citizens who participated in a peaceful demonstration. By rubberbullets and teargas used by the police, all three men were seriously injured and two of them lose their eyesight. This instance is typical for the governmental use of violence during the demonstrations from 25th January until 11th February …

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Those who have suffered poverty, hunger, and inflationary, along with injustice, oppression and persecution… were people who feared starvation, or being shot to death just for being arabs. Between wars and destructions… death and farewell… they deported to the west. Among those were refugees, fugitives as well as abhorrers who were seeking humanity in its …

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Gangs of Baghdad

Gangs of Baghdad a 52-minute documentary – subtitled in english “Gangs of Baghdad” showcases the experiences of people who fell victim to criminal and terrorist deeds that are nowadays widespread throughout baghdad. during the 52 minutes of the film, two families and a young girl share with us the details of terrible events they personally …

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Marionette35 mm  My movie is telling the story of a woman, who got into an irrational state of mind, because of her love affair. It is mainly dealing about mental and emotional addiction of women to men; all around the world, but especially in arabic countries, where marriage is still the major aim and financial …

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