Firm background

We deliver all actions needed for you to produce sound-, picture- and film-documents.
Either on classic media or on new media.

Our experience, education, training and our network – both – national and international – enable us to deliver top level products.

Strong backing

We support you in all phases of production, including customs, legal documents, locations, crews, sound, imaging and the entire post-production.

Of course, we offer our knowledge and experience also in transportation, relaxation and other daily needs of the crew.

Unbeatable locational advantage

Through our good knowledge of Egypt, we can solve or prepare many of the mentioned tasks before your arrival – this gives you all means you need to use the timeframe in Egypt to your best, saving your money.

Advantage our
mixed arab/western background

We can be responsible for the entire communication in Egypt – with local workers, inhabitants, officials – as much as you need.

This enables us to move and act as locals in Egypt – as you can imagine this avoids us many misunderstandings before even occurring.

Our Offer




Actors, doubles, statists and compares

Material and equipment


Preparation - first steps